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The Canadian Government, WEF, WHO, UN all see a future, one where you are
Controlled and Surveilled ...Here's what you can do about it
Feeling Righteous Anger Yet? ------ Is the goose in you is lose!

The First Step –  Join “Called to Action

Be notified of Actions Planned, Petitions, Rallies, Events that effect you 

National, Provincial and Local.

Do it for the children who need to live Free,

Do it for your Freedom to Choose.

The Next Step – Meetings & Zooms

 Action and Events, stay informed.  

Watch the Calendar for full details.

Never miss out on an opportunity, always know what’s going on. 

Join in, make a difference.


Be a DFC Allie – Join Together.

Do you and Your Group see it too, the Geofencing, Cashless Society Pressure, Privacy Loss…the Digital Prison. 

Let’s support each other in the 

Digital Control Grid battle. 


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