Social Credit Systems
A DFC Whitepaper

Social Credit System (SCS) in Canada                                                                        v1.0       June ‘23

From the Digital Freedom Canada Whitepaper Trilogy:

“The Walls of Control” – Paper # 3

In this the third whitepaper in a series of whitepapers whose purpose it is to educate Canadian citizens about the virtual, digital prison that the Canadian government and its complicit private sector partners are constructing to completely control Canadian citizens. The first whitepaper discusses Digital Id and software that is being constructed to assign unique digital identifiers to Canadians and subsequently CONTROL their access to an increasing array of online Apps/Services, and to harvest, store, and subsequently CONTROL huge amounts of PERSONAL DATA about them.

SERVICES CONTROL (App’s) and DATA CONTROL form the first two walls of each citizen’s DIGITAL PRISON. The second whitepaper discusses Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) being championed by the Bank of Canada on behalf of the Canadian Government. CBDC introduces an e-dollar, but more importantly, is comprised of a software system that will be capable of totally controlling Canadian’s money. MONETARY CONTROL forms

the 3rd wall of each citizen’s DIGITAL PRISON. If you haven’t already read these first two whitepapers, you are highly encouraged to do so.

This whitepaper describes the Social Credit System (SCS) that Canada is also creating. This system is intended to further extend the government’s control over Canadian Society, which of course includes you. Once created, this SCS will form the fourth wall of each citizen’s virtual digital prison. BEHAVIOURAL CONTROL is what this fourth wall is all about. Once these four walls are complete, the government will have SERVICE CONTROL, DATA CONTROL, MONETARY CONTROL, and BEHAVIOURAL CONTROL over you. Once they close the door, you’re locked in.

Examples of existing SCSs :

You may have heard of the Social Credit System that has been implemented and is currently operating in the People’s Republic of China.

  • Scary right ? Hard to believe right ?
  • Only a communist country would do this to their citizens right ?
  • This would never happen in Canada, right ?
  • Sounds preposterous ? Read on…

Sweden has a carbon-limit credit card called Do Black, which tallies the carbon footprint of purchases that you’ve made with it and sets a CO2 limit for you. If you exceed this limit, the card will block all further purchases. Sounds behaviourally modifying right ? Let’s look a little closer to home…

Unknown to many of us, the United States has had a firmly entrenched ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scoring system that measured a corporation’s degree of conformity to political, environmental, and social thresholds for some time. These scores track a company’s carbon footprint, political alignment, the racial and sexual “diversity” of its staff, and more. “According to The Impact Investor, personal ESG scores [which are essentially precursors to SCS scores)] are already in the works, and are set to take in a full range of personal data points up to and including personal beliefs. “Buying a gun, alcohol, or even clothing will all affect your overall ESG score”. “Not only will your purchases matter, but who you purchase from and how they do business.” “Your political affiliations also factor into your personal ESG score.”  “The type of car you drive, how often, and even how many people are in the car when you drive will also come into play when deciding your score.” The following article dated May 9, 2023 even tells you how to find or calculate your personal ESG score. Being in the US, it’s a little closer (than China or Sweden) to home, right ?

No doubt you’ve also heard about another introductory form of Social Credit System that hits much closer to home – 15 Minute Cities. These too are a form of significant behavioural control. Although the first appearance of 15-minute cities occurred in the UK (Cambridgeshire to be specific), the Canadian federal government’s offering of significant grant monies has resulted in many Canadian cities committing to create them. Edmonton and Ottawa are leading the pack.

Can you connect the dots and see what’s heading our way ?

The technologies used by SCSs :

The government software associated with each of these controlling walls relies on a set of technologies. Technologies behind the first three walls (Digital Id, e-dollar, ultra high-speed internet, Big Data, and AI) will also be leveraged by SCS software and hence the fourth wall.  In addition, even more technologies that are increasingly already being deployed in Canadian cities today will be leveraged by SCS and 15 Minute Cities. Specifically, these new technologies provide various forms of surveillance over Canadian citizens.

They include streetlight and other formats of video cameras capable of performing video capture, facial recognition, licence plate recognition and gait analysis, speech recognition microphones, retinal imaging cameras, fingerprint readers, etc. All of these new technologies connect to the ultra high-speed internet, many of them via the ever-increasing footprint of 5G wireless within our cities, especially in areas of high people traffic (e.g., airports, shopping malls, crosswalks, etc.). Your facial image scan, speech pattern, retinal image, fingerprints etc. all can be mapped to your digital id, and hence for all intents and purposes, they are your digital id. So bottom line, they know with certainty who you are, where you are, what you are doing, and when you are doing it. Sounds like Big Brother, right ? Creepy.

Think you’re safe from surveillance when you’re in your house ? Think again. They can enable the microphone and/or camera on your smartphone, smartwatch, or laptop or Alexi (?) or other smart appliances you may have in your home and continue monitoring you.

All of this data about you is streamed in real time over the internet to the government’s PIB (Personal Information Base) for you where it is recorded and analyzed. You’ll recall (from the previously mentioned whitepapers) that these PIBs are the same ones where the government stored all of your online activity including your Apps/Service usage, financial records (both from your banks and CBDC account), health data, location data, etc. The Artificial Intelligence software that they’re building the SCS and 15 Min City software with has visibility to ALL of your personal data.

Policy Control over your Behaviour :

Policy control (under the control of politicians and government agencies) can direct the AI software to act on the data history/trends that it has captured for you. Initially, so as not to alarm the public about the degrees of control that the government could have over you, these policies will probably be fairly inert – in other words, they probably won’t exert too much control over you even though they could. They’ll likely just be constructing various forms of credit scores for you based upon the massive amount of data that their extensive surveillance network is collecting about you. They’ll be determining your behavioural “patterns”. They can establish a grocery spending score for you, a carbon credit score for you, a travel credit score for you, a law abidance score for you (i.e., speeding, jaywalking violation), a bartering score for you, a political correctness score for you, and so on.

Now comes the “fun” part – at some point, they will decide to enable the policies that are capable of asserting behavioural control over you when some of your scores reach certain thresholds that they’ve set for you. Likely they’ll define both carrot and stick thresholds for us. So, if you tattle tale on your neighbour that he/she is keeping chickens in their back yard when they’re not supposed to, your “carrot” (read behavioural incentive) might be a free pass to the movie theatre. If you don’t think Canadian society will behave that way, be reminded of the partitioning of Canadian society that occurred between the vaxed and the unvaxed – it verged on near hatred.

In the case of the 15 min city paradigm, if you drove out of your 15 min city boundary more than your allowed number of times last month (as determined by your GPS data, licence plate reading cameras, store purchases, crosswalk traversals etc.) they can fine you and automatically debit your CBDC account accordingly. Or maybe they’ll turn off your internet access for a month as a form of punishment.

They can and will surveil you even if your city hasn’t become a 15 min city yet. Have you been voicing your opinions by badmouthing about a particular political party or politician ? If one of your acquaintances that overheard you didn’t tattle on you, and you forgot to power down your smartphone when you said those things, or somebody else’s smartphone was in earshot and was “listening”, your goose might be cooked. Who knows what kind of “corrective” punishment might be doled out to you ? Or maybe you exceeded your personal carbon credit limit by using too much gasoline last month or by buying too much red meat. This time the government can determine this without depending on you to have the kind of special credit card that they have in Sweden. They may very well inhibit your gas purchases for the foreseeable future or only let you buy cricket or plant based “meat”.

How much CONTROL will you tolerate ?

  • Talk about incentives to get you behave the way they want you to, right ?
  • They can get very creative determining disincentives for you behaving the way that you used to, right ?
  • Talk about societal control. The control will get tighter and tighter as the amount of surveillance equipment increases.
  • Think you can beat or cheat the system ?
  • Will you allow all of the four virtual digital walls to be built around you, the door to your virtual digital prison to be closed and locked ?
  • What is your threshold for saying “enough is enough” ?
  • Are you angry enough at the prospects of this to do something about it sooner rather than later ?

If you’re still unbelieving, take a drive around your city and look for how many 5G towers have been put up. Look for how many surveillance cameras have been installed. Count how many grocery stores, big box stores etc. have installed entry/exit gates and possibly even scanners (to scan your digital id).

Look on the federal government website to see if your town or city has committed to become a 15-minute city. Ask to see your city’s operating plan/budget and look for how much money they plan to spend installing cameras, traffic bollards, etc. See which counsellors are proposing surveillance growth. See which contractors are getting paid to install the surveillance equipment. See who the suppliers/manufacturers of this stuff are ? These are the people, groups, companies you should direct your righteous anger at !

Can you read the tea leaves ?  Can you see it now?

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