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Get Angry about Digital Id                                                                                                    v1.0     June ‘23

From the Digital Freedom Canada Whitepaper Trilogy:

 “The Walls of Control” – Paper # 1

Introduction :

If you’re like most Canadians, you probably think that Digital Id is a secure, digital replacement for your SIN number, your driver’s licence, or maybe even your passport, and you’d be partially correct. BUT don’t be fooled – Digital Id is so much more than that, and the “more” part should make you both afraid and angry, so much so that you’ll really want to do something to at least slow and ideally stop its rollout.

Canadian federal and provincial governments have partnered with Canadian and international Big Businesses and are trying to get as many Canadians as possible assigned a Digital Id. They will tell you that it’s the way of the future and it’s just a secure digital counterpart to the analog, paper versions of the identifications you’ve been using for years. They’ll tell you that the privacy laws that have protected you for years will continue to protect you. Moreover, they will tell you how convenient, and possibly how cool having a digital id can be. No need to remember your login info and password at an ATM, no need to have a paper boarding pass and present a plastic or paper id when boarding a plane, no need to present a paper or plastic id when buying beer or liquor, and so on.

You can load your digital id into an app on your smart phone, or you can load it onto a chip on a plastic card. Or, if cool is what you like, you’ll increasingly be able to use biometric identifiers such as fingerprints, retinal scans, or facial recognition scans as those technologies become increasingly pervasive.  Or the ultimate – have your digital id chip embedded under your skin (this already exists in Sweden and is popular with many young people there – just wave your hand near a scanner and presto, you’ve been identified and authenticated).

  • So – no need to spend a lot of your own precious time and do a bunch of your own research on this right ?
  • No need to do a risk/reward analysis to see if you’d like to get a digital id right ?
  • The existing privacy laws are just fine for the digital world, right ?
  • The convenience and coolness rewards seem great and there’s no risk to getting a digital id, right ?

Sometimes Canadian citizens will get offered additional perks to sign up for a digital id. After all, other countries have offered perks. Sometimes they’ll even issue you digital id without you knowing it, and without your consent.

You can just TRUST your governments and these big businesses (G&BBs) to do right by you right ? 

They’ve got your best interest at heart, right ?


Virtual Digital Prison :

If you’re curious and you take the time to dig deeper, you’ll find that our governments and big businesses get way more benefits than you do by having a digital id. In fact, they get disproportionately more benefits with few if any downsides. It’s certainly not an equal relationship/partnership where both parties benefit equally.

But worse than that – for Canadian citizens, Digital Id is a trap !!!

It’s a technology that will allow Governments and Big Business to digitally imprison us, and once we’re locked in that virtual prison, we won’t be able to escape. The government will forever be able to control you – the digital apps & services that you use, your money, your movements, your behaviour. So, the trick is to never let the digital prison walls be constructed around us, and to certainly not let the prison door close on ourselves. We must avoid/escape the virtual digital prison. 

Sound preposterous ? Read on.

A person’s virtual, digital prison is already near completion, the final pieces are being put in place, by a collection of malicious real time application software packages that leverage Digital Id and other powerful new technologies such as ultra high-speed wireless internet (5G), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Processing, Facial Recognition etc. (Look for more on all this in our DFC Website pages). Technologies other than Digital ID and their role in facilitating these malicious apps will be discussed in future whitepapers. These malicious apps are currently being developed under huge multi-million dollar contracts (using your tax dollars) for G&BB by huge, highly expert consulting firms such as Accenture and others. One app equals one virtual (digital) prison wall.

Digital ID can be thought of as the cornerstone technology for these prison-enabling apps. All of the imprisoning apps will rely on it. A scary thing is that you don’t even necessarily have to consent to get a Digital Id assigned to you – one can be assigned to you without you even knowing it. So they make it hard to “Just Say No”!  [Ref fine print of TD Bank’s latest Terms & Conditions for Online Banking – you get one automatically unless you drop out of online banking with TD].

What’s Motivating G&BBs to Implement Digital Ids :

Greed and power. Greed because digital id helps them make substantially more money than they would otherwise. Power, because it gives them control over the Canadian population. The same goals that tyrannical institutions have been motivated by throughout history.

The 1st 2 Virtual Digital Walls of Your Digital Prison :


The government is implementing two fundamental software capabilities along with Digital Id. Each capability enables a virtual digital prison wall.

  • the ability to CONTROL the services/apps/privileges/freedoms that you have been taking for granted up until now, including the ability to allow you to access or deny you access to those services.
  • the ability to collect & store (in real time) all kinds of personal DATA about you (e.g. your personal health data, your personal financial data)

There is a growing set of online services/apps offered by both the private and public sectors, many of which you use and rely on today including internet browsing, online banking (not the same as CBDC), online shopping, online dating, online reservations, online navigation, online income tax filing, online EI application, online CPP application, online insurance claiming, online food ordering, online drivers licence renewal, online insurance renewal, online passport renewal, etc etc etc. You no doubt really like many of them and use them frequently. It should be no surprise that the companies that offer you these services can control your access to, and use of these services.

The new news here, is that the government will now be able to CONTROL your access to your services too.

The companies that provide these apps/services collect, create and maintain all kinds of DATA about you as well as manage your use of their service. The best well known example of this is Google, but there are many others. With the advent of Digital Id, these companies will provide the government with access to your data as well as control over your services.

In that sense, they are complicit with the government. With the onset of Digital Id, not only will the government be able to CONTROL your use of these services (possibly without you even knowing it), but they will retrieve and store your personal DATA in government databases (more on this later), and of course modify (including delete it) if they so choose. So, for example, with Digital Id, the government could close or freeze your bank account without you or your bank being involved (remember what happened to supporters of the Truckers Convoy in early 2021 ? No emergency act, court order, or bank support will be required the next time).

The government will know and be able to control your bank balances, your investments, your mortgage amount, your financial transactions, the fact that you donated to a specific charitable donation etc. They can pay your bills without you knowing it, cancel your credit cards, deny a gasoline or grocery store purchase, etc etc etc.

If used maliciously, digital id can easily be used to violate your Constitutional rights, your Bill of Rights, and your PRIVACY Rights (per PIPEDA Act – Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act. This Act pertains to security for Canadian Citizens, in contrast to the Privacy Act, which pertains to privacy regarding to government, privacy re disclosing personal information). Equally as bad, Digital ID allows the government to harvest your personal data (e.g., health records, banking records, location records, etc.) and share it amongst government departments other and whomever they want without your consent. For example, in early 2020, Canada’s federal government secretly authorized Telus to perform surveillance of 33 million mobile devices to track the location of Canadian citizens.

So, if you think that you’ve got nothing to hide, let them harvest and share away your personal data – think again ! (Ref https://www.jccf.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Digital-ID-Surveillance-and-the-Value-of-Privacy_Justice-Centre-for-Constitutional-Freedoms.pdf | Part One Luke Nielson, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Apr 4, 2023).

They can weaponize your data and your apps/services quicker than you think.

Weaponization of your Services and Data :

In it’s June 15 2023 Insight Report entitled “Reimagining Digital Id” [Ref https://www.weforum.org/reports/reimagining-digital-id ], the WEF (World Economic Forum) states that digital ids are exclusionary by nature and can facilitate the “identification, surveillance and persecution of individuals or groups.” They also state that “Perhaps the greatest risks arising from digital ID are exclusion, marginalization, and oppression.” Further, the report notes that even if digital IDs are not mandated by law, citizens could still be coerced into using them as they would otherwise be excluded from many parts of society. Specifically, it states “As an ID system expands, the consequences of not participating in it can become so severe as to make registration effectively unavoidable. When access to a good or service is conditioned upon the form of ID and that ID is widespread, individuals may be effectively coerced into obtaining that form of identification, even if there is no legal basis for requiring it.”

Did you know that Air Canada is currently starting a trial program that creates a digital id for you and installs it in the Air Canada App on your phone once you successfully complete the application process ? Oops ! Did they forget to tell you that you’d get a digital id by entering a trial ? Sneaky and a bit deceitful huh ? In this case, the facial id created for you without you even knowing it is your facial id scan. As we all remember, Air Canada was complicit with the Canadian federal government re ArriveCan, so we automatically expect that they will share your facial scan id with them, law enforcement agencies, other WEF partners etc.

Once shared, subsequent facial recognition of you can be performed in many venues. Those new streetlight cameras that you’re seeing being installed around cities can id you now and watch and record your every move.

Didn’t pay that recent parking ticket ? – they know because they have access to your data. They know about your previous parking ticket too.  Missed that car payment – they know. Bought more gasoline last month than your carbon credit says you can – they know that too. The government will keep all of the data that they collect about you in their gigantic databases in a PIB (Personal Information Bank) [Ref https://www.canada.ca/en/treasury-board-secretariat/services/access-information-privacy/access-information/information-about-programs-information-holdings/standard-personal-information-banks.html ] and update it continuously. [Ref Government of Canada website, Personal Privacy Playbook.  https://www.canada.ca/en/government/system/digital-government/digital-privacy-playbook.html ]

Digital Id’s reach extends beyond you personally – it extends to your property too. For example, did you know that you can’t raise the 10 pigs on your property even if you want to ? The government says you can only keep 6. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got more than enough acreage, a big enough barn and can afford to feed 10 – they only want you to keep 6. They know how many you’ve got because they forced you to register your farm, hobby farm, or even your back yard ) (i.e., your premise) to get a PID (Premise Id – another form of Digital Id) and are subjected to inspections. [Ref https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/farming-natural-resources-and-industry/agriculture-and-seafood/programs/premises-id/premisesid_brochure.pdf ]

 And next year, they may tell you that you can only raise 3 – and give you any reason they want to. Farmers will also tell you that they’re forced to register the number of wells on their property to. The US’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) is asking people to register their vegetable gardens for a national database – called “People’s Garden Initiative”. Governments around the world (including ours) are getting increasingly controlling – and you’re losing control.

Have you tried to buy tickets to the latest concert and were denied even though you have your digital id ? If you take a look at the reason that your purchase was declined, it might be because your personal health data says that you haven’t had your Monkeypox vaccine. As you know Monkeypox is highly contagious and being in a large venue with thousands of other fans is a very transmissible setting. So the government is denying you because they care about your wellbeing.

Are you under age and used to buying beer or alcohol by presenting fake id ? Sorry – you can’t fake a Digital Id so you’ll have to wait until you’re legal drinking age.

Whole Foods (i.e. Amazon Grocery) or Walmart allowed you enter their store to grocery shop because you satisfactorily scanned your digital id at the entrance. But once in the store, it prevented the door to the meat freezer from opening because it knew that you purchased your quota of real meat last month,  so for this month you’re only allowed to purchase plant or cricket based meat – go ahead – try them – those doors will open !

So, by now, you’ve seen some examples of how controlling a digital id can be – when you don’t have one, and even when you do have one.

How do you like ALL of your personal data being accessible to the government and anyone they chose to share it with ? 

Do you trust them not to have a data breach like has happened to them numerous times in the past ?

ALL of your data well get exposed this time, not just for example the data that the CRA has about you.

  • How do you like losing freedoms, privacy, trust etc. that you once had and probably took for granted ?
  • Does it make you afraid for your future ?
  • If you are successful at avoiding taking or get a digital id, how will you feed your family if you aren’t allowed entry to grocery stores ?
  • How will you get to work if you can’t buy gas for your car ?
  • Are you ok looking at a future of bartering and bicycling if you decide not to comply with Digital Id ?
  • How long do you think you could tolerate living like that ?

Adoption of Digital Id to Date :

Are you thinking that these kinds of things will never happen in democracies like Canada ? Think again. Some Canadian provinces have already introduced digital ids (BC and AB). According to LifeSiteNews, Italy, Austria, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the Ukraine are already using them as well.

Fortunately, some Canadian provincial governments (e.g. SK) and some politicians (e.g. Dr Leslyn Lewis) are adamantly saying NO to digital ids.

Where to Target Your Anger :

Are you getting angry about the amount of control that G&BBs will be able to assert over you and your family? Sorry to have to tell you this, but it’s going to get worse, much worse…. If you’re angry, would you like to do something about it now instead of when it gets really bad (it may be too late then) or what about your kids or grandkids living in a world where freedom is just a tale told by the old people.

If so, you need to know who to be angry with aside from ourselves, the complacent Canadians that are letting this happen.

Who you should direct your anger towards :

  • The Canadian Federal Government
  • Most of the Canadian Provincial Governments (probable exceptions are AB and SK)
  • Complicit private sector partners (some are listed as WEF partners, others are listed as DIACC partners).
  • We assume that all are probably “guilty by association”
    • TD Bank, BMO, RBC, HSBC, CIBC, and most of the other big Canadian Banks
    • Interac
    • CPP
    • Air Canada
    • Amazon
    • Apple
    • Google
    • MasterCard
    • Microsoft
    • Meta (pka FaceBook)
    • PayPal
    • Salesforce
    • SAP
    • Shell
    • Visa
    • Telus
    • Manulife
    • Verizon
    • Walmart
  • Some consulting and contracting firms, (some are listed as WEF partners, others are listed as DIACC partners), We assume that all are probably “guilty by association”
    • Accenture (the contracted developer for the KTDI program (Known Traveller Digital Identity) between Canada and the Netherlands)
    • Deloittes
    • EY
    • KPMG
    • CGI
    • McKinsey
    • PwC

Summary :

Digital Id is the cornerstone of the virtual digital prison that G&BBs intend to imprison you in. As explained above, Digital Id enables the 1st two walls, namely Service/Apps Control and Personal Data Control. In addition, Digital Id and other technologies also enable an additional 2 virtual digital prison apps (aka walls) – CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and SCS (Social Credit System). These 2 final walls provide CONTROL over your digital MONEY and your BEHAVIOUR respectively. CBDC and SCS are discussed in the subsequent white papers. For now, suffice it to say that just like Digital Id, these 2 items further compound the violation of your freedoms, trust, …. You’ll be surrounded, more specifically highly controlled, by these 4 virtual prison walls.

Finally, if you’re angry, don’t be angry at the technology itself (namely Digital Id). Get angry at those that are constructing your digital prison. Direct your anger at the rules & policies layered on top of these technologies that those who are in power assert and change at their whims as soon as they can get away with it. It’s those groups who are in power who will close the digital prison’s door on you, your family, me and mine !

We all need to look in the mirror and ask:

 “What can I do or say today to wake others up to this digital tyranny and what is it that I can do to keep those I love out of Digital Prison?”

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