The World you see...
is not the World they see.

If you watch nothing else….you must watch this.

“Big Brother meets Big Data” 

– North America has more survellience cameras per capita that China. 50 Million Cameras connected to the internet feeding AI, millions of interactions analysed per second. At the start of 2023, 

1 billion tethered and connected world wide, 20 billion points of collection. 

 The Final Lockdown exposes extremely alarming technologies set up now in Smart or 15 Minutes Cities, including street lights that monitor, the Internet of Eyes, and how people will be forced into the Metaverse under the new Digital ID slavery system and the solution 

Aman Jabbi –  25 years’ experience, Silicon Valley engineer, primarily on camera technologies. 

They tell you it’s not like China… no…. it’s here for your safety and security…. spoiler alert.. …it’s not.

So you did watch above, great… now this is Next:

Make sure you know what is in store for you, 

the Big Picture of whats been planned for decades. 

“The World View”

Wow, your getting the full picture, keep going:

You can’t unsee this stuff..once you connect the dots. 

All the parts needed to build a Digital Prison (a Panopticon).

“Connecting the Dots”

..and it's all connecting to you and your city....

How much do you know about C40 Cities initiative and how it’s connected to all this? C40 Cities

  • Click on the map and find your C40 City.
  • ASk your City council if they are on board with C40 ideology?
  • Hold them accountable.
  • All future politicans must sign a Declaration confirming what they will stand for and it must be Freedom to choose and Democracy. (many are not  aware, educate them.)
  • Know all you can… do not shrink from your responsibilities as a free citizen, a soverign human, take a stand before you are unable to “Stand”. Living on our knees is not an option.
  • Is the idea of a 15 minute city making you wonder? 
  • Do you feel concerned about your right to move about the world freely? 

2030 Six Year Plan to reduce your:

  • Meat consumption: from 16kg of meat to ZERO
  • Dairy/Milk: from 90kg of milk to ZERO
  • Calories/day:  2500 Kcal/day
  • Number of clothing purchase/per person/per year: 8 items and then down to 3 items
  • Car ownership: 190 vehicles/1000 people to ZERO vehicles

Lisa Miron lays it all out in the Video above, you must know this.

Find all of the Great Links to Geoff’s Power Point and Resources below the Video on the Rumble Page. 

🚨🚨 Your city is tracking you.

SENATOR ALEX ANTIC:  Australian Senator,  points out what Insane Sacrifices Are Required From You And Me And Every Person On The Planet To Meet the United Nations Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goal 13. It is utterly disturbing and of great concern.

In Depth with Shoshana Zuboff. How data is collected? What was once considered useless data is now valuable. From what was in the begining used for commerce has become the basis for piviting from marketing to total surveillance, that in the wrong hands becomes the basis for Digital Population Control and enslavement. 

Now with A.I. scraping the data in millions of data points per second, what do you think will be the result?  Governments buy our data from Databrokers, contractors at arms length, our individual P.I.B’s (Personal Information Banks) fill with thousands of data point that indicate our voting preferences, travel patterns. Very useful information for 15 minute cities, travel control, censorship… and we don’t even know it’s happening !!

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