Your Privacy is Important?

You have every right to your Privacy… only you decide who gets access to your information;  financial, health, digital or any other personal information, not government, not the World Economic forum, not the World Health Organization. 

The WHO?….no only you.  

So why would you get a digital ID, sign up for a program that requires you give away your right to privacy? 

Is the risk worth the convience they are trying to sell you?

  • Your Data is worth big money, yet you recieve nothing for it?
  • Who is profiting?  Who gave permission to do all this?
  • We know data is not safe, it gets stolen, sold or lost.
  • Are you questioning everything? You should be? Do you trust government, big business, big health, the Banks?
  • What about your children’s future? Are you handing it over?
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