The Behaviour Wall - Controlling humanity using a Social Credit System

A Digital Freedom Trilogy.  

“The Walls of Control”

Paper # 3.  The Behaviour Wall

We know you like options:

Listen while you walk, MP4.(Pending)

Listen while you surf the net.(Pending)

Open the document, read it here.

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Do you want to be told when, what, where and even if your "allowed" to do something?

What if... you do it anyway? Frozen Bank account? $$ Penalties? Lock Downs or Worse?

How is our behaviour monitored and controlled?

Do you know how many listening devices are employed in North America Right now? Systems and equipment enable the software and apps.

The 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals).

What do they say? What do they really mean? What are SDG’s really designed to do?

Can you see the Digital Prison Walls yet ?

 Adman Jabbi – “The Final Lockdown” – an experts warning.

Edward Snowden – “Listening Devices” – always listening…

5G – 6G Towers,  Satellites,  Millions of Sensors,  Cameras,  Drones, Vehicle Remote Shutoffs … Do you see it too?     


Click on the map below and learn where the Towers are in your area?

Check out this article if you have time, while your at it. Questioning 5G

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