The App and Software Wall

A Digital Freedom Trilogy.  


“The Walls of Control”

Paper #1, two walls combined. 

“The Data/App Wall”

We know you like options:

App's and Software enable the Collection of your Data

What about QR Codes?

  • Scanning a QR code should never be automatic, think first.  QR code capacity can range from 72 to 16,568 bits — more than enough to carry significant information about a malicious instruction for your mobile device, you may think it is just a simple redirect to a website. Nothing is as it seems, hackers and others use this tech as an excellent way to gather user information… it feeds the Digital AI Beast.
  • Official looking stickers in a retail space or a bank are suspicious enough never mind a crooked sticker at the front of a gas pump or stuck to a table in a resturant? Scan it? That’s a Hard NO. Treating QR codes as you would any other bit of electronic kit is important because that’s exactly what they are: mechanisms for carrying and delivering code to a  device.  
  • Random stickers stuck to walls and doors should be treated with suspicion since they’re in far too public a set of locations, even if you could trust QR Codes.


  • Just because they’re made of ink and paper rather than silicon and gallium arsenide doesn’t mean they’re any less effective — or dangerous.
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