The Data Wall

The details,  knowledge is power.


“The Walls of Control”

Paper #1, two walls combined.

“The Data/App Wall”

We know you like options:

Your private Digital Information will be used against you

Leslyn Lewis explains the Agile Nations Charter, the issue is “Not Technology… Not Data…. Not Systems”…. It is how that Data is used, weaponized against citizens, for behavioual and financial control that we must guard against. The Digital Move is on and it is quickening. 

The gates are closing, the trap is set.

Are these new ‘smart’ technologies just another convenience or “dystopia in action”?

Greg Glaser and Scott McCollough unveil the reality of an ever-digitizing world. (Start at the 10 min mark..) 

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms explains how your Personal Data is the governments Ticket to Total Control. Should the federal government know where you are right now, what you are doing or who is with you?

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