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Have you noticed your Trust is Broken?

Is it just us or do you see it too

The word – betrayal. This word resonates deeply and speaks to our source of anger, resentment and angst for the future. In reflecting upon the last three years and longer, it has become clear just how much we have been betrayed, consider what we have experienced:


Our governments and elected representatives betrayed us and what we stand for.

Our judges and those responsible for upholding the rule of law and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms betrayed us.

Our police, military, attorney generals and all those who took an oath to defend us betrayed us.

Our doctors, nurses, public health officers and pharmacists betrayed us.

Our regulatory agencies who are responsible for upholding ethical medical practices betrayed us.

Our mainstream media who purport to be independent and seekers of truth betrayed us.

Our academic institutions who claim to be a source of higher learning betrayed us.

Our religious leaders who closed places of worship betrayed us.

Our financial institutions that promised to safeguard our savings betrayed us.

The problem with betrayal is that it’s difficult to regain trust once one has been betrayed. Are you reluctant to trust these institutions, agents, professionals and colleagues with your life and safety? They showed us that they can be co-opted and controlled by fear, shame, pride and greed……. Do you see it too?



These two pyramids clearly show the choice we all make. Do we ignore the manipulation we are subjected to and live in comfortable denial until it’s no longer comfortable or do we choose Information, Knowledge and search for Truth to live a principled life. Those who would control us want the opportunity to create “Order out of Chaos”, the chaos they created in order to herd us into a population under digital control. It’s unfolding as we watch!!

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