Follow The Flow.... See Where It Goes? ..... Right to YOUR Door!!

  • We are already in a Digital Prison.
  • The Closing of the Gate.
  • If we comply with Business or Government Digital I.D.’s being controlled at every turn will be the result.
  • It happens and you don’t see it.
  • You do it for convenience.
  • You do it because your busy.
  •  We must question everything, don’t follow the herd.

Driving the Bus towards a Global Totalitarian One Government New World Order are the WEF, WHO, UN and the Technocracy that funds them.

Make no mistake, this is a global effort to control all Land, Energy, Food and People.

Complicit in this tyranny are all levels of government knowingly or unwittingly.

Businesses are incentivized by government funding to harvest data and usher in this attempted Reset.

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