Political Principles Pledge

For elected representatives, political candidates and citizens of Canada.

 Take your stand against any existing or proposed reductions or elimination of the

inherent sovergien rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens.  

Political Pledge Community 

Who has signed the Pledge?

What does it mean?

Why was the Pledge created?

How many Citizens have Pledged?  

Total: 653,429

Join the Political Principles Pledge Elected Community. Stand for Canada.

As a representative elected by Canadian citizens, please consider becoming a member.

For Elected Officials and Candidates only:

Political Principles Pledge Form

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Name of Riding/District/Municipality
I will stand against any existing or proposed action or law initiated inside or outside Canada that may compromise the inherent sovereign rights and freedoms of any Canadian citizen. I also understand that my taking this pledge indicates and encourages Canadians to stand with and behind me as long as I stand and protect the inherent sovereign Rights and Freedoms of all Canadian citizens.
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