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Why no ones talking.. Strange isn’t how Maiu has been dropped from the News Cycle?   So many unanswered questions, just ignored. Well this story brings those questions to the surface again in a New Book by Shelby Hosana, co-founder of Unjected.com, joins us to discuss her new book, Burn Back Better, detailing her experience on …

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Digital Space Based Control Grid “So you think StarLink looks cool in the sky do you?”    You can’t understand the control grid without understanding the role of space.” Soon terestrial communication equipment will be eliminated (no 5g towers, no data centers on earth, no choice for you – just an electromagnetic bath from space).  …

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“Going Direct”.. Those who  think they own the world and their plan?  Blackrock, Larry Fink and ESG’s? The onion is being peeled back my friends, the perpitrators and their motives are coming tumbling out. Do you know how it all connects to the AI Aladdin Climate model. Know who’s steering, how we got here and …

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