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Very recently, members of the G20 summit, including President Biden, met in New Delhi and, afterwards, released a declaration with some concerning resolutions. A section on “Central Bank Digital Currency,” states: We welcome discussions on the potential macro-financial implications arising from the introduction and adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), notably on cross-border payments …

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Max Igan

Clarifying the World View.. The tearing down of society. Facial Recognition Software, CBDC’s, Digital ID’s, 5G … all tools of enslavement.  Why elevate the poplulation to embrace the highest standards of humanity when it’s easier to control society by dropping everyone into poverty, division and violence.  This is the vision of those who want it …

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25 US Airports are doing it… As those who think they know best how to control the world move ever closer to full implementation of the digital control grid slavery system the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US is piloting the use of facial recognition technology in 25 airports across the U.S. The program confirms travelers match their existing photo …

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