Bank of Canada Survey: What does it mean to you, should you complete the Survey before June 19th?


Bank of Canada wants you to sleep walk into this!!   “We don’t see a need for a digital Canadian dollar right now. However, people tend to use cash less often these days: most payments are already digital, such as using debit or credit cards. If this trend continues, there may come a time when cash is not widely accepted in day-to-day transactions. That might be the tipping point when a digital dollar would be needed.”

The Bank wants you to tell them what you think about a digital Canadian dollar and which features might be important to you. IF you decide to fill it out be aware of how the questions are positioned and ask yourself what does it really mean to me, not just the “it’s easy or it will be convenient”. This is their pitch to have you trade your privacy for slavery. Fill out the survey with that in mind, if you do it , remember you are providing your information to a system that has Broken Trust with Canadian Citizens. Do you see it now?


Translation  “tell us how to market this to you because we are going to do it if you like it or not.”

2 thoughts on “Bank of Canada Survey: What does it mean to you, should you complete the Survey before June 19th?”

  1. Just do not comply….if we comply and miss use it we get locked out… what’s the difference? Just don’t use it in the first place.

    1. NO is a good word. The great challenge will be in all those who only see the convenence of CBDCs and can’t wait. Willing to give up their freedom, privacy and control over their own lives in exchange for what they precieve as “easier. You are so right though, if Canadians just say “not doing it”…then it’s over. Glad your clear on “just don’t use it”, flooding the retailers with cash only is a good start. Do Not Comply for sure.

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