Digital Currency… The leaders of the Group of 20 nations have agreed to a plan to eventually impose digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations, amid concern that governments might use them to monitor their people’s spending and crush dissent. The G20, which is made up of the world’s leading rich and developing …

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CBDC Redacted

“The rollout of the CBDC’s, or Central Bank Digital Currency, is ramping into high gear as the Fed gets ready to remove cash from circulation. Make no mistake about it this is all about controlling everything you do. Dozens of countries have now moved out of the pilot program phase and are getting close to …

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Market Meltdown

Gain profound insights into the hidden workings of central banking and the financial system in this eye-opening conversation between renowned experts Lynette Zang and Gregory Mannarino. Explore the alarming trends and deliberate manipulations that have led to the current state of our economy, shedding light on the impending risks and opportunities for investors seeking to …

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