She found the problem!

I came across the post, linked below, on Twitter. After reading it through I felt the air  leave my lungs. We have been deceived so completely and lulled to sleep so expertly that up is now down and down is now up. The difference is obvious yet the majority look right through it with wishful eyes, waiting for this time to pass. Yes, it will pass, but will the future be as the past was with abundance and blissful ignorance accepted without damage to society? This slow steady burn and erosion of our rights my friends will result in a society as unrecognizable tomorrow as today is to many who enjoyed the yesterday of 3 years ago. Do not let the encroaching tyrannical Digital controls close the door on your freedoms, do not give your personal biometric ID to those who you know in your heart cannot be trusted or this mess we are in today will be nothing compared to the digital control grid of slavery ahead.



Wise words from Sheldon Yakiwchuk.


The ones we’ve been forced to elect into our representation because of no better options… Who don’t pay for their own travel, transport, gas or groceries…because WE DO. Who make more than double of the average Canadian… Want you to believe that they understand your troubles and that they are here to help. Their solution to affordable living is more taxation.

Their solution to affordable accommodations is unsustainable immigration. Their solution to racism is more racism. Their solution to a failing healthcare system is Medically Assisted Suicide. Their solution to crime is letting criminals out on the streets. Their solution to Drug Overdose is to legalize illicit narcotics and provide the paraphernalia for them and support these people begging and getting stoned in the streets – More Drugs!


Their solution to homelessness is allowing tent cities in every major Metroplan City. Their solution to their failing policies is controlling the media and creating crisis, where none exist, so that they can continue to take more of your hard earned money to spend it on less of the things that make your life better and more affordable. And if you don’t agree…they call you names. They send your money to foreign countries…while telling you that you need to hunker down…tighten up your belt…cancel your streaming services…SUCK IT UP!


Over the course of the last 4 years… They’ve shut down the economy. Closed Schools. Locked you away from your loved ones. Forced you to be a medical lab rat. Scared the population of the country about a virus that has had less impact than everything above. You complied. You lost your job. You lost your savings. You lost your home….your family…your dignity…your opportunity for a better life.

 Because you are a good person. You obey the laws, while they walk around without repercussions. You pay your taxes while so they can spend you into poverty. Your life gets worse, while their futures couldn’t be brighter. They’ve taken the blue, red, green and purple ants, thrown them into one jar and have shaken it up. They want us to fight amongst ourselves so that we don’t unite against them.


Let’s  take back the conversations…our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren. When you’re ready to raise a middle finger to these people and start to put them back in their place… Join me! Like if you are already following me…I’ll follow back. Connect with me if you haven’t already…I’ll gladly connect back. Reshare this post with others so that we can finally unite and take back what used to be a land of infinite resources and a sense of pride being Canadian.

It’s TIME!

O Canada, the True North Strong and Free.

O Canada, we Stand on guard for thee! 

Let’s unite and Stand Proud, Canadians!

Sheldon Yakiwchuk



You're Freedom. You're Choice. You're thoughts?

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