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Max Igan

Clarifying the World View.. The tearing down of society. Facial Recognition Software, CBDC’s, Digital ID’s, 5G … all tools of enslavement.  Why elevate the poplulation to embrace the highest standards of humanity when it’s easier to control society by dropping everyone into poverty, division and violence.  This is the vision of those who want it …

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Financial Prison Systems: SDR, Unicoin, FedNow, and CBDCs Lynette Zang always on point. Listen as she explains what to expect from the banking system transition as it relates to personal digital currency and the international picture. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it… this the next step in the transfer of wealth from …

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Dark Future… our future..

Dark Future… ours to accept, the children to inherit It’s time to take the global progressive elites at their word when they say everything is about to change: the economy, society, where we live, how we live, how we work … EVERYTHING. Called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this societal transformation is at our doorstep. We …

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Chase Bank – Mercola gets Bank Account Frozen. This is what the new social credit system looks like, and what every soul on the planet can expect from the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that are being rolled out. Go against the prevailing narrative of the day, and your financial life will be deleted with …

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