Iris ID... do you Trust it? What does it mean to you.

Very interesting,  is this the way it happens?  Not in one fell swoop forcing everyone to get a Digital ID by Government decree but rather by the accumulation of Digital Id’s gathered by Business and others, promising anonimity but open to theft and sale. Will the information be scrapped or purchased by Data Brokers using A.I. and sold to Governments to populate Personal Information Banks.


Once Governments have our points of data what will they do with it? If history is any indicator then we are at risk. 

 Digital Data, CBDC’s, Social Credit Systems are all dependent on  Digital I.D.’s, the cornerstone of the Control Grid and Human Digital Enslavement.


Cryptocurrency and digital ID startup Worldcoin says it has enrolled over 2 million signups for its anonymized digital identity credential, World ID.

Worldcoin co-founder and OpenAI CEO is Sam Altman.

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