The Liberals partnership with the WEF – Further Exploring the Agile Nations Charter

Dr. Leslyn Lewis provides some details on Broken Trust and Digital Dangers.


Trudeau still has yet to tell Canadians anything about Agile Nations Charter that he signed with the world Economic Forum (WEF), but I have continued to play close attention as this fourth industrial revolution gets underway.

There are a number of other important issues, that I would like to keep you informed about, including Central bank digital Currencies, smart Cities, ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

2 thoughts on “The Liberals partnership with the WEF – Further Exploring the Agile Nations Charter”

  1. This is useful information but can we believe that Pierre Poillievre will ban Digital ID and Digital Banking?
    Will the Conservative Party pull out of the UN and the WHO?
    What about Smart Cities and all that it entails?
    Conservative voters need public confirmation on all of the above issues.

    1. Could not agree more Marina. As we move into all future elections each and every candidate needs to be presented with a Declaration to sign. The declaration needs to be clear:
      I stand for the following and pledge to uphold…..(to be built)
      An example is as you described above, add to that Bill C-47, Bill C-11, C-18 repeals. Rejection of 15 minute and C40 cities and more. This must be done… and voting to align with those that support Democracy and Freedom (Canadian Voters Association). We have work to do… thank you for your comment.

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